Your body has a unique structure, with unique requirements. An individual approach adapts exercises to meet your specific needs. Posture analysis with initial consultation provides information for a program designed specifically for you. With one-on-one attention the effectiveness of Pilates exercises and various equipment will give you amazing results.



Small group classes provide synchronized group energy and affordably compliment your personal training goals. The pre-requisite to enroll in a small group mat or reformer class is a working knowledge of the essential repertoire and modifications to achieve your best anatomical alignment.

Matwork Classes Equipment Classes
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The fundamental principles of Pilates are incorporated into this basic workout with emphasis on the back and deep abdominal muscles. Stretching and strengthening exercises will leave you feeling toned, agile and revitalized.

Schedule workouts at your convenience with flexible block scheduling. The classes apply basic principles to a range of essential to intermediate exercises performed on an elevated workout table. Small apparatus (fitness circles, stability balls, etc.) are incorporated to enhance and vary your workout.

Experience this dynamic workout to increase flexibility, core control and stamina.

Achieve optimal strength and agility, increase stamina and coordination in a reformer class using essential and intermediate routines. Make reservations that suit your busy schedule.

Entry Level Courses

Pilates Essentials Course

Progressive Courses

Commit to a programmed course using both mat and equipment exercises to achieve desired benefits and advance in skills.

Progressive classes typically meet several times per week. Combo Challenge, Pilates for Hips & Thighs, Living Well (for 50+) and sport specific courses are designed to be progressively challenging courses.

Hips and Thighs
Combination of mat and reformer exercises that focuses on building longer, leaner muscles in the hips and thighs and significantly challenges the lower body.

Living Well
A course designed to align 50+ year old bodies emphasizing core strength for improved balance, mobility and flexibility.

Pilates Blend

Wake up the core and get a jump start on the day with a combination of mat and reformer exercises.

Pilates Essentials
Continue the pilates method with essential mat and reformer practice plus intermediate and advanced exercises to challenge neuromuscular system.

2022 Rates

Private session $75
Private session package, 4 $260
Private session package, 10 $600
Semi private sessions $10 per session for each additional student
one small group class $20
small group class package, 10 $180


  • All sessions and classes are scheduled for 55 minutes.
  • All sessions are by appointment.
  • All appointments are prepaid.
  • 24-hour cancellation notice required to avoid being charged.
  • Sessions expire 6 monthes from date of purchase. Sorry, no refunds.


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