The stylized pillar in the Pilates Place logo depicts the pillar of strength and amazing architectural design of the human body. The peaceful atmosphere in the studio creates a sense of empowerment for restoring and strengthening the core power of the body and mind. Pilates Place is dedicated to a professional standard of Pilates instruction. As a host site for STOTT™ instructor training, our customers benefit from the most current techniques for purposeful, effective exercise.

The Studio

The fully-equipped Studio opened in 2004 and features state-of-the-art STOTT PILATES™ equipment including professional Reformers, Cadillac, ladder barrel, stability chairs, and other Pilates accessories.  Workout on the STOTT PILATES V2 Max Plus Reformers. These unparalleled machines offer unlimited exercise possibilities!

About the Instructors

The distinction at Pilates Place is that all instructors are health professionals with training in the STOTT PILATES™ method.
ruthann maddocks 

RuthAnn Maddocks
RuthAnn is the owner of Pilates Place, a registered nurse and a fully certified STOTT instructor.  She is committed to offering high integrity Pilates programs and services. Her mission is to help others reach their potential by exercising holistic mind-body control.

  Judy Strosnider
Judy holds bachelor degrees in psychology and occupational therapy.  Her pilates certification is through Professional Health and Fitness Institute.  She specializes in providing rehabilitative exercise to clients.
mari collins

Mari Collins
Mari is a former ballet dancer who came across Pilates when looking for a way to get back in shape after the birth of her fourth child. Pilates was a natural choice due to its emphasis on core strength and flexibility. Mari has over 20 years of experience as a ballet dancer and teacher. She uses her experience and combines it with her passion for health and fitness to help her clients gain strength, flexibility and ease of movement. Mari’s clients may not have dreams of being dancers themselves but with her help they can have the strength, balance and grace of one. 

Mari chose STOTT PILATES® for her training and certification due to its reputation as the world’s most respected pilates method. She specializes in helping clients during post rehabilitation and with conditions such as osteoporosis and scoliosis move, feel, and look better. Her clients range in age from 12 to 94. Each client has a different goal and ability level. Mari is able to design a program that is customized to each of their needs. In addition to being a fully certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor, Mari is also a National Academy of Sports Medicine® (NASM®) Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. She is a certified American Council on Exercise® (ACE®) Group Fitness Instructor and a licensed Pilates for Buff Bones® instructor and TRX Suspension Training instructor. In 2017, Mari completed her training for Carolyne Anthony’s Women’s Health & Exercise CertificationTM.

About Joseph Pilates

Born in Germany,  Joseph Pilates (1880 – 1967) was an avid exercise enthusiast, nurse and physical trainer. His conditioning method helped rehabilitate patients in an English hospital during WWI.  By taking the springs from under a hospital bed and using them for resistance work, bed-bound patients regained strength with remarkable results.

In 1926 he moved to New York City and introduced his conditioning method to dancers, prizefighters and Rockefellers. To serve as many people as he could, he developed a series of mat exercises that could be performed without any machines and still accomplish the same benefits of improved body mechanics, strength and suppleness. Now Hollywood celebrities and professional athletes are doing Pilates and so can you.

About STOTT PILATES™ Instructor Training Programs and Education

All STOTT PILATES™ courses and workshops are taught by highly qualified STOTT ™ Instructor Trainers.  STOTT™ Education designs programs that empower instructors to motivate, challenge and retain clients long-term. Courses carefully detail the logic behind each exercise and routine then reinforce it through observation, practice teaching, and instructor feedback. The STOTT PILATES™ system is an anatomically-based approach to the original exercise method pioneered by Joseph Pilates. It incorporates modern exercise science and rehabilitation principles, eliminating contraindicated movements while emphasizing neutral alignment, core stability, and peripheral mobility.

At the conclusion of each course participants receive a “letter of completion” and relevant continuing education credits. STOTT™ certification is awarded upon successful completion of each course and a written and practical exam.

Please call for information on scheduled training courses and workshops.